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  • It's been nearly a year since we started making the idea of a global community ban list into an actual thing. It has been a long but fun ride for me to be a part of it, to develop it and see it grow. We were three people in the beginning, myself, Dragonisser and AlexFlipnote. During our time alive some amazing people have joined and left us, and now it's unfortunately my turn to leave.

    Due to real life complications I'm no longer capable of maintaining or running SourceCBL. It makes me sad because this project means a lot to me, and I've put a lot of time into it.

    But it doesn't mean SourceCBL dies, rather the opposite. Yimura is going to take the place as the new owner from now on. I'm most likely never coming back to the same position, but you'll see me around in the Discord and the Steam group still.

    Thanks for the ride,

  • Sun, 21 Jan 2018 23:55 by SomePanns
  • Hello and happy new year everyone,

    The team at SourceCBL hope you've set your expectations high for 2018, as we sure have, because now is where things change around here!

    We've been working hard the past months to both find errors and flaws, as well as fixing them and improving our services. This year we've been planning to use a completely new design for SourceCBL, which is much more appropriate and easier to navigate than our previous one. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg as we're very proud to, today, announce AWESOME new features and improvements to you guys, our loyal followers!

    What's being removed?
    We're not removing anything this time, just improving everything we currently have as well as adding completely new features!

    Changes to the caching
    We previously used a file-based cache system and it was going just fine, however for this update we can no longer rely on it as it's both slow and taking up our storage.

    We're running on a very powerful server that is made to specificly handle a lot of connections at once, and this is why we've decided to move over to Redis instead. Redis is basically a memory based caching system, which works much better for us as the new updates will require more frequent requests.

    Steams' API is slow, yes we know.
    We're aware of that Steams' web API is very slow, and there is not much that can be done about that. But this doesn't mean we haven't tried. We've decided to cache more of the data that is retrieved from Steam, and when the data is not available you'll be seeing basic placeholders instead.

    This way page loading will be both more efficient and faster, allowing you to do and access more from our services.

    See where the cheaters got caught!
    New to this version is that we have added the option to specify what game the marked cheater was caught on, using app ids. This can be see easiest in the API, by the new "app_id" paramater.

    Improved wiki/docs
    Yes, we have taken the time to make a more detailed, and better documentation/wiki of ourself and our services. You can reach the new wiki here[sourcecbl.com]

    A full list of protected server
    We're providing a simple list of servers we're currently protecting. However, this is not always an accurate list as it can only display servers that have been active the past 24 hours. There is no way for us to tell exactly how many servers we protect.

    Partnership requirements
    We have significantly lowered the requirements for your community to become a partner to us. This is because the previous set of requirements were set extremely high. See them here.[sourcecbl.com]

    Request limits
    We've put a request limit on our API. If you were to exceed 3000 requests in 10 minutes, you will be locked out for a short while. If your community requires more than this, please contact us so we can arrange an exception for you.

    Plugin improvements
    We have removed the so called "spectator panel" after receiving complaints about it always being in the way. When recording demos, you can instead type "status" into console.

    We also know how frustrating it is when we ban someone that is currently playing on a server and you have to wait until next map for our plugin to deal with them. This is why we implemented various features, such as a sm_scbl command that instantly reloads the database, as well as making the plugin reload the database automatically every 15 minutes.

    There is also a new cvar available to server operators - sm_scbl_current_game_only. Setting this to 0 (default) will block hackers banned on any games. Setting this to 1 will block hackers on the game the server is running only.

    But yet, the biggest new feature of them all...
    Alternate accounts are now automatically detected and blocked
    Thanks to our friend, Nilo, we can now offer your servers a decent protection against cheaters that always come back with alternate accounts. If you connect with a banned account, you can not connect to that server with any other accounts as long as the account you got banned with is banned. When accounts are unbanned, all alternate account bans are instantly removed as well.

    We can not guarantee that this feature works to 100% at all times.

    We welcome you to version 2 of SourceCBL!


  • Thu, 04 Jan 2018 19:12 by SomePanns
  • Starting now, we're looking to hire either one or a whole bunch of people for the upcoming front-end development team.

    It's a volunteer job, meaning that you will not get paid in physical or virtual value of any kind. We don't require you to spend your entire day, just an hour or two every day to work on SourceCBL.


    • Full knowledge of HTML and CSS.
    • Must know (or be willing to learn by yourself) how GitHub works.
    • (optional) Have experience with Blade (a template framework).
    • Must be 18 years old or older (or really close to being 18).
    • Must be able to work under discretion.
    • Must be able to provide example of your previous projects. This can be either old ones, or you can code something new to show us. We just want to know what you're capable of.
    • Discord for easy communication with the rest of the team.

    This is not a one-time project, if you get hired you're expected to work with us for an uncertain amount of time (you could say until you decide to resign yourself.)

    What you'd do if you got hired
    • Work on the front-end UI/design (this is the main task); this includes but it is not limited to structuring elements, planning, designing, coding, improvement of existing content.
    • Communicate with the rest of the team through Discord to discuss future and upcoming updates and other UI-related issues.
    • Work locally and then push updates to a GitHub repo.
    • Collect critique and feedback from the userbase.

    If you're interested, add SomePanns#8993 on Discord or add the author of this announcement on Steam.

  • Thu, 02 Nov 2017 18:55 by SomePanns
  • Hello everyone!

    We've come further than we ever expected in the beginning, and although things might seem to go a bit slow around here, we are planning on updating everything in about a months time (or less!) and I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who believed in us.

    Today I'm glad to present Yimura as one of our new Site Administrators! He has been working hard and dedicated a lot of time to this project and is well deserving of his new title. If you have any inquries then you now have yet another person to reach out to.

    New Features

    As we're working on the coming version I'd like to ask you guys if you have any suggestions for us. This could be anything from policy improvements to site features or from discord to our Steam group and everything in between. Anything that would improve our service in any way is highly appreciated.

    Just join our Discord[discord.gg]contact me personally or leave a comment below.

    We're also going to start reaching out to more communities out there, but it's not our priority right now so that'll come within time.

  • Wed, 25 Oct 2017 18:12 by SomePanns
  • We've taken the time to develop a bot for Discord that will help you find banned cheaters.

    If you're a server owner, simply click this link[discordapp.com] to install it.

    Once installed, you can type $scbl to get further help.

  • Sat, 09 Sep 2017 16:05 by SomePanns
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