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Mishu / Malice – 76561198397957080

Steam name (as seen in the demo)Mishu / Malice
64-Bit Steam ID 76561198397957080
32-Bit Steam IDSTEAM_1:0:218845676
Steam ID v3[U:1:437691352]
Custom URL


Hey all, i'm not exactly sure how to trim demos as I record entire games specifically for situations that call it, such as now, but this was a malicious spy player that seemed to be using suspicious tactics, and eventually revealed everything during the end.

As far as aggressively spouting racial humor, landing sub-bogus ambassador headshots, I think the focus is towards the 64000 tick, where he just slides onto the point and instantly caps it.

I really hope to see this service grow, and thank you for your time.
Created at 2017-09-04 10:58
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2017-09-05 19:23
Site Admin
Report is marked as invalid because of the following reasons:
- Other demo attached than what specified in the report and/or insufficient proof.

Feel free to make a new report if you have collected any new evidence.
2017-09-04 20:37
[PrWh] Dragonisser
Site Admin
Are you sure, that you uploaded the correct .dem? This one is ~2300 ticks long and only shows the end of a round.