This report has been declined by SourceCBL because of insufficient proof provided by the reporter.
Snakehouse & iFap2Feet – 76561198310479858

Steam name (as seen in the demo)Snakehouse & iFap2Feet
64-Bit Steam ID 76561198310479858
32-Bit Steam IDSTEAM_1:0:175107065
Steam ID v3[U:1:350214130]
Custom URL


Aimbots, this can be seen through the entirety of the demo. iFap2Feet's id is [U:1:87548936]

Apologies on the last report by the way, I do have the proper demo for the previous one this time.
Created at 2017-09-06 11:13
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2017-09-06 16:59
Site Admin
Thanks for your report, but I don't find your demo to be valid enough for me to issue a ban.

When recording a demo, make sure you're spectating the cheater in firstperson, and that you record a demo for each cheater you see (not 1 demo for multiple cheaters).

Gameplays of yourself makes it very hard for us to determ if someone is cheating, even though it might be obvious for you.