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︖︖︖ TDiff ︖︖︖ – 76561198394167010

Steam name (as seen in the demo)︖︖︖ TDiff ︖︖︖
64-Bit Steam ID 76561198394167010
32-Bit Steam IDSTEAM_1:0:216950641
Steam ID v3[U:1:433901282]
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Type of hacks used: Aimbot, Reset Conditions (instant cap, condition immunity...), name change spam.

Ticks to look at:
8200: Using "reset conditions" hack. (The cheater makes specific burp sounds whenever this hack is used.)
8700: Using "reset conditions" hack to instantly cap. By using "Drive..." on the Demo UI and driving the cam to RED's first point, you can see that the cheater stickyjumps and instantly caps the point.
9200: Using "reset conditions" hack to instantly cap RED's last point. The cheater stickyjumps again and instantly caps RED's last control point. (The cheater doesn't render from my position, but the announcer doesn't do a "Alert! The final point is being contested!", indicating indeed that it was an instant cap and use of the hack.)
51500: End of match - also another use of the "reset conditions" hack to instantly cap RED's last point. Later, the cheater abuses name changes to advertise the hack he uses (LMAOBOX) and himself after winning.
Thoughout the whole match, the cheater always lands headshots as Spy or Sniper (not visible), but there's not point in indicating everytime this happens since it isn't always in my PoV and therefore the cheater won't render anyways.
Created at 2017-08-29 18:57
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